Industrial Alloy Steel Double Helical Gears

Industrial alloy steel double-helical gears
Material: steel, customized




Industrial alloy steel double-helical gears

Material: steel, customized

Product Specification

Gear Type Double Helical
Usage/Application Industrial
Tooth Form Double
Material Alloy Steel
Shape Round
Minimum Order Quantity 1

Product Description

Double Helical Gear has the advantages of high coincidence, small axial load, increased carrying capacity, and stable operation. Double Helical Gear processing is more complicated and can be processed by the generative method. Still, the hobbing form cannot process all herringbone gears, and the herringbone gears that are difficult to process by the milling method are more common.

Processing points of the double-helical gear: the intersection of the left and right directions of the double-helical gear can form many planes. Generally, the symmetrical plane to the gear’s end face is called the center plane of the double-helical. Restricted by the structure of the reducer and to meet the conditions of the standard meshing transmission of the gear, the double-helical gear shaft must be positioned during assembly, and the position error of the center plane of the double-helical gear must be controlled within the allowable range of the assembly adjustment.

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