Customized Double Helical Gear

Customized double-helical gear
Material: steel, customized




Customized double-helical gear

Material: steel, customized

Product Specification

Material Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Bronze, etc
Pressure Angle 14.5-20 degrees
Gear Center Center bore
Tooth Form Straight Teeth or Spiral Teeth
Outer Diameter 100-5000 mm


Product Description

Double helical gears overcome the problem of axial thrust presented by single helical gears by using a double set of teeth slanted in opposite directions. A double helical gear can be considered as two mirrored helical gears mounted closely on a standard axle. This arrangement cancels out the net axial thrust since each half of the gear thrusts in the opposite direction, resulting in a net axial force of zero. This arrangement can also remove the need for thrust bearings. However, double helical gears are more difficult to manufacture due to their more complicated shape.

The Salient Features Of These Double Helical Gears Are As Follows:· Smooth Operation

· High Strength In Contact Of The Teeth

· Elimination Of Side Ways Force

· Fully Balanced Thrust Load

· Lower Load On Gear Reducer Housing

· Large Face Overlap Due To Absence Of Axial Thrust

· Excellent And Smooth Transfer Of Torque & Motion at High Rotational Velocities.

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