Company Profile:
As Ozkardisli we manufacture and supply gears, couplings, hydraulic pumps, pumps, rotors, shafts, cylinder blocks, torque motors, valves, gear, coupling, hydraulic pump, pump, rotor, shaft, cylinder block, torque motor, valve, aluminum gear pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps, aluminum screw pumps, ring gears, bronze ring gears, piston pumps, axial piston pumps, axcial piston hydraulic pumps, hydraulic pumps, axial pumps, aluminum gear pump, gear pump, screw pump, aluminum screw pump, ring gear, bronze ring gear, piston pump, axial piston pump, axcial piston hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump, axial pump... Our company was established for giving services on hydraulic industry in Ostim Organized Industrial Zone of the city Ankara in 2002. Ozkardasli Hidrolik Makine was established for giving services on hydraulic for construction machinery and has been a significant adress for solutions on hydraulic with its experience and knowledge. Expanding its product range in its business life, our company has got capability of manufacturing hydraulic spare parts, gears in various sizes, hydraulic pumps and motors by using cnc and nc benches. Also our company engages in research and development activities for the purpose of improving product quality and raising product range.

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Established Date: 2002  Tax Office: Ostim  Tax Number: 6980305701  Staff Count: 26-50  Export Specialist: Murat ÖZKARAOĞLU